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"I spent a year searching for a good teacher at an affordable price, as I’m rather picky on who I learn from when I have a choice. I came across K talk Live through an advertisement on Facebook and I’m glad I did! When I took the free class, I was placed in 진완 선생님’s class, then requested to continue with him after signing up for the paid classes. I’ve been studying with him for 3 months. He’s unlike any teacher I’ve studied with before and I really, really appreciate being able to study with him. 진완 선생님하고 공부하고 정말 좋아해요. From his patience with my half asleep brain early in the morning to his sense of humor and how comfortable of a learning environment he creates, I really can’t say enough about how great of a teacher he truly is. He is gentle when correcting my mistakes and he’s calm, which are probably my top two criteria. Not everyone who teaches is skilled at it, but 우리 선생님 is. I think every class I find something new to appreciate about him as a teacher and I count myself truly blessed to have found him."

Christine Lockwood


"I have been taking classes with K-Talk Live for more than a year now, and I am super happy. The classes are very interactive and it doesn't feel like those rigid class formats (you are even allowed to eat during class, lol). The atmosphere helps to relax and not be intimitaded about making mistakes. Along the course topics of the class book we also talked a lot about the culture, geography, food,... of Korea and its differences to our home countries or countries where we have lived before (Germany, Poland, Columbia, China, UK).Being relaxed doesn't mean that we are lazy though, I find the speed of the classes quite good, sometimes a bit challenging (but I should also review and study a bit more on my own... ;)). The teacher always takes time to answer all of the questions and even provides summary sheets on things not covered in the book. Especially I always have some extra tasks for him as I am curious about many things such as Korean proverbs, or vocabular sheets just about fruits :DAnother interesting fact maybe is that it is okay to miss class. We all have a day job or are students, so it is understandable to miss a class once or twice. If that happens we simply notify the teacher and the other students in advance and mostly the session can be recorded, so the missing student can rework the class on his own."



"It'll be almost a year in a few weeks (or days) since I started taking classes with K-Talk Live. Joy is an amazing teacher. She's beyond patient, funny, and always give us important information about the language and Korean culture. I'm happy with the knowledge I've gained, though I definitely need to start studying more. 10/10 highly recommend for anyone interested in learning, but aren't sure where to start with self-study."



"I've been taking the beginners Korean Class with 손지혜 선생님 since March 2022 and I am having a fantastic time. 선생님 takes her time to make the lessons fun and relatable. The atmosphere is relaxed and I feel confident speaking in Korean. She's very encouraging and overall a great teacher! I also enjoy my classmates. We talk regularly and have an excellent time learning together. I hope we can all travel to South Korea one day and meet 선생님 in person! 감사합니다 손지혜 선생님! 감사합니다 K-Talk Live!"

Ciara James


"I have been taking a level 5 course with Yuhee for about 5 months now, and am very happy! Yuhee is a great teacher, our course is well-structured (using SNU's I Love Korean as the primary textbook, but with slideshows Yuhee has made, YouTube videos she's selected, etc. for extra color), well-paced, and fun! I would certainly recommend K-Talk Live programs to anyone interested in learning or maintaining their Korean, and plan myself to continue with the course.Thanks for all of your hard work 선생님!"



"I started learning Korean this February 2022 after watching K-dramas and liking BTS. I didn't know anything about hangul or the language itself. K-TALK LIVE has been an enormous blessing in my life because their classes are so much fun and exciting and make me more enthusiastic to keep learning about South Korea and its culture. My teacher Yuhee is the best! She is so nice, friendly, and patient. She makes every class fun, and it's an honor to be a part of her class. Everything I've learned these past months about the Korean language is all thanks to her!! 😃 I would recommend K-TALK LIVE to anyone, whether you are a beginner or not these classes will be of great help to you!"

Sara Escobar


"Really enjoy these classes. Well organized and the teacher is patient and kind. I think she moves at a good pace even though we have students with varying skill levels. Classes are very interactive and it is fun to meet and talk with classmates from all over the world.The books are well set up - grammar is presented logically and clearly. Sometimes we talk about current slang and use videos to learn.I am a Korean American in my late 40s and have tried several times to learn Korean properly over the years. I have made the best progress with this program so far."

Sindy Kang


"I’ve enjoyed having lessons with ktalklive thus far. The 3x weekly lessons ensure consistent practice, with homework given to us almost every lesson. I find myself improving in a really short amount of time.While 3x a week may seem like a lot, each lesson runs for 50min and includes listening, speaking, reading practice, so the pace isn’t actually fast at all. Easy for slower learners to catch up, but faster learners may find it slow.The small class size allows more interaction between tutor and students, and even among students as well. I’ve made friends with my classmates and they are a motivation for me to keep attending lessons!!I’ve been learning for almost 2 months now. It’s high commitment but somehow it doesn’t feel like a chore at all because I have so much fun every lesson. I definitely foresee myself continuing lessons with ktalklive for a long time.Special thanks to teacher Jinwan for making each lesson a fun and enriching one. It helps that he speaks English and can explain difficult terms in English when I’m in doubt! :)"

Claire chew


"김진완 선생님 최고입니다!!!!!!!👍👍💙 수업은 너무 재미있고 많은 것을 배울 수 있어요. 선생님은 매우 친절하시고 설명을 잘 해요. 이해할 수 없는 부분이 있다면 선생님은 저한테 이해할 때까지 설명해요.선생님 사랑합나당!!😆💚I've been studying for 1 year and I'm definitely going to continue studying on k-talk live, I love how classes are, very interactive!!🥰"



"I am very thankful to meet teacher 장혜리. She is a very careful, patient and attentive teacher. I learned not only Korean but also Korean culture and Korean life. Every class is fun and I've learned a lot from teacher 장혜리 in the past 4 months. I gained confidence and courage to communicate with the Korean people, and even the most feared dentist in the past was able to face it alone. It makes my life in Korea more fun and confident.  Thank you very much." 

Wendy Wei


"I'm sorry to inform you that I won't be able to continue my lessons after this period.The reason for discontinuing the lessons is that I have recently completed my studies and successfully obtained my Master's degree. This marks the beginning of a new phase in my life leaving me with limited free time to continue with online Korean lessons.I want to emphasize that I have thoroughly enjoyed the courses I have taken so far. They have been relevant, and I have been able to learn in a fun and engaging manner, improving both my speaking and listening comprehension as well as my written understanding of the language. The courses were also well-structured, making the learning experience highly enjoyable.I sincerely appreciate your offer of additional assistance. If I ever decide to resume the lessons in the future, I won't hesitate to reach out to you. For now, I need to focus on my new career, but I maintain a keen interest in the Korean language and I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained through your lessons.I wish you continued success in your future courses, and once again, thank you for your support."

Afaf Adnane


"My love for Korean dramas, food and music has guided me to the K-Talk Live program. I’ve been taking classes for 6-months and all I can say is that this program is amazing!  I’m challenged and motivated everyday to study and learn.  My teacher, Yuhee is patient, kind and an awesome teacher.  Despite my busy schedule, I so committed that I bring my books when I travel so that I don’t miss any classes. =)
Yuhee takes the time during each class to ensure that we understand the building blocks in speaking the Korean language.  The class size really helps with learning the language as well. I’m not just a box in a zoom of many people.  Our 2:1 ratio helps me and my classmate understand better and actively participate.   I love my class, classmate and teacher!
If you are looking for a personalized program, this is an awesome real-time online Korean language program. Take a free class, what do you have to lose? =)
Shout out to Yuhee!  Thank you for all you do for us!  I’m getting better and better each week because of you."

Michelle  Widjaja


"I love learning Korean with 지혜 선생님 and my classmate ! It's so interesting, fun and interactive. Even the days I come back home tired, going to class gives me energy and makes me happy. I have progressed so much in the past 4 months from learning how to read to being able to hold small conversations."

Kessy Ndaye


"I'm taking begginers classes with 선생님 지혜 and it's so fun. Its an amazing class where it's easy to learn. 선생님 is really good at explaining and putting context around the things we are learning so we understand with ease. The class is always filled with smiles and laughters. I'm having a blast learning the korean language!"

Samantha Lagacé


"Hi, I'm SarahI'm in the classes with Yuhee 선생님, and I am really happy to be a part of his students. She's been the sweetest and the more patient teacher to me. Every class it's super prepared, and she has an easy-going way of teaching all of us. Even though we have different levels and backgrounds in the Korean Language, I don't feel the pressure or feel bad if I go slower or I'm the least talkative student in the class. She is always trying her best to make us feel comfortable. And for me, it's essential to mention that she is always available outside class to help me with my doubts and questions.I'm super happy, and I think that if you are having doubts about the program, you should just give it a try. You'll not gonna be disappointed! 5 stars!!"

Sarah Esther Moreno Arvelo


"I signed up with K-Talk in the beginning of the year & after really enjoying the free intro classes, enrolled in the paid lessons. I’m so glad I was assigned to YuHee 쌤’s class because she has been such a great teacher! She has a natural calm & easygoing style which makes you enjoy learning Korean instead of stressing you out. She understands each student’s personality & struggle areas, helping us get better without feeling like we’re being singled out. 쌤 is also happy to answer questions outside of the curriculum, which I really appreciate. I knew a little bit of Korean going in but wanted to learn from scratch so I could use proper grammar & am loving it! Definitely see myself staying with YuHee 쌤 & K-Talk for their entire program. Highly recommend to all who want to learn Korean without the pressure! 5 stars!"

Natasha Aziz


"I found this class from Facebook and decided to try as there is a free class.I was arranged to join Jin Wan's class, was a bit shy in the beginning as my Korean is not fluent.After being almost 8 months with them, I found that I have been improving a lot. I have the courage to speak more than before. Kim Jin Wan'선생님 is a very interesting teacher and will help us out if we have any doubt or mistakes~ Class is very interactive too!1 week 3 times and 1 hour each does make me exercise my Korean like 3 times a week along with the homework. I did not regret joining this class and will continue as long as I can!Classmates are fun and cute, I love how we interact with each other!"



"우유빛깔 김진완! 사랑해요 김진완! ε٩(๑> ₃ <)۶з ε٩(๑> ₃ <)۶з김진완 쌤 진짜 열심히 학생들에게 가르칩니다.질문이 있으면 쌤도 최대한 설명해주실 겁니다. (No matter whether it’s in class or notㅠㅠ)가끔 답이 모르거나 아니면 어떻게 설명하는 지 모를 때 다음 수업 시간에 꼭 설명해주실 겁니다!그리고 수업 분위기가 즐겁고 쉽게 배울 수 있습니다!진완 쌤 짱! ٩( ᐛ )و"

Ting Hui Yang(Anita)


"First of all, the classes are well organized and focused on improving each language skill. Always starting with a small talk and then as follows vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening meanwhile practicing also reading. Except that there are many topics about Korean culture, food and many more. This is very helpful in organizing the material you are learning but of course attending classes is not enough as there is a lot of material to study so you need to put some effort too if you want to get the most out of your course.Moreover, the atmosphere during the classes is very comfortable and pleasant, so no one is afraid to ask questions or make mistakes. Also the method of teaching is very clear and flexible. If someone is busy or sick, there is no pressure to participate actively in classes, you can just listen and then ask the teacher if there is anything you don't fully understand.As I had a pleasure to be taught by 4 different teachers I need to say that all of them are very considerate, helpful and, most importantly, patient and good at communicating with the students. They are always willing to help with the topics you don't understand and try to answer all questions you have. What’s more, my current teacher is quite funny and his way of teaching is very entertaining what makes the classes more enjoyable and pleasant. This helps a lot if you are quite a stressed out and somewhat reserved person. :DI really appreciate the effort put into the course so that the students feel comfortable and happy. 😊"



"지혜 선생님 is truly the best! She's kind and patient and she will explain everything until you get it! Everything at Ktalk is well organized and efficient! 100% will recommend😊"